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Life on the Open Road

The road between Costa del Sol and Gongaga was never well travelled, even before the reactor blew. Now, it iss little more than an overgrown track. But vehicles still moved here, if only rarely.

Hojo is in a good mood. After all, it had been an eventful day, with all sorts of new things to ponder and try to get to the bottom of. Not only a new environment to test, but intriguing possibilities in the changing lifeforms around him. In fact, one of the most intriguing new lifeforms is himself. How wonderful!

As he walks, Hojo begins ticking items off on his fingers. First, there was his unexpected return from an apparently rather thorough death, some distance away from where said death took place. That would suggest a sort of functional immortality. Second, the changed environment, featuring higher temperatures and sea levels, and likely unpredictable weather. It will be interesting to see how the native fauna reacts. Third, the fact that a former Turk and SOLDIER, complete with initial injections, seems less affected by these changes than the refuse around her. Must test this, to see if it is a temporary effect, and whether it is connected to her delusion of kinship with the humans. Fourth, the likelihood that these humans are not sufficiently equipped to survive at the top of the food chain any longer.

He stops. Shouldn't have brought up the food chain, he thinks, listening to a plainly audible rumble from his abdomen. Come to think of it, I've been hungry since I cut that human back there. What was that, hours ago? No answer comes, but the evidence of the sun tells him he may be underestimating. I need to find something edible. And soon.

Just then, the silence is broken by a sound that is definitely not natural. As the truck comes into sight in the distance, it becomes clear that this is the shipment that Elena spoke of earlier in the day, from Gongaga.

Hojo smiles again. Well isn't that convenient?

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