Aeris Gainsborough (sweetwaters) wrote in murderandcreate,
Aeris Gainsborough

(FINISHED) A Mere Shell of Her Former Self

OOC: Greetings, I'm a newcomer to the group. Good to meet you all. I have been allowed to play a character here, so here I go...

"Thank you so much for everything," she says, her voice warm with gratitude.

"Eh. You paid for the help." The old man shrugs the thanks off, even though she and the others suspect that he is actually flattered. "And you were useful. We don't have anyone left here at Fort Condor who has the will to use materia no more. Didn't eat too much, either."

The traveller smiles at them all, gripping her travelling staff and hefting her backpack over her shoulder. "I'm sorry I couldn't do more with the materia." She cheerfully waves at them. "Remember! You have to water them twice a day for the next two weeks. And use the crushed eggshell up there!"

"Hey there!"

The floppy brim of her hat rises as she turns and lifts her head, looking at the rough, dirt-smudged man that stood by the door into the fort. She smiled sweetly at him. "Yes?"

"Are you sure you want to leave now?" He pointed to the rain clouds that seemed to be eating away at the hazy blue sky. "Gonna rain soon. Probably better to stay here."

She shakes her head, soft brown hair blowing in the hot, moisture-laden breeze. "I've already stayed too long. There's so much to do." She bows once, and turns to walk down the easy slant, her feet taking her in the direction of Junon. Perhaps there, perhaps under the water, the mako generator was preserved enough to help her find the answer to her questions.
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