Aeris Gainsborough (sweetwaters) wrote in murderandcreate,
Aeris Gainsborough

Outside of Junon

Aeris is very glad she has her hat. The sun seemed to beat relentlessly down upon her, and she knew if she didn't have the floppy-rimmed thing, she would burn to a crisp. But still, it had been a long, hot, sweaty trek through the village of canvas tents and makeshift huts.

As she approaches Junon, the sound of water lapping at rock and cement becomes louder and the air is filled with the smell of the salty sea. The sun, half-way down the horizon, is a burning orange-bronze disc that seems to glare at the world. Aeris knows that she should find shelter for the night, but something drives her onward. Perhaps she can seek shelter in the abandoned town.

She hikes quickly around the tall hill, around to the first dilapidated house, and she stops to stare around herself. The tide seems to have gone out, but she can see the remnants of seaweed and pools of standing seawater fill the air with salt and dampness. This place looks...familiar. A tiny whisper of memory of an odd group of people, hiding amongst large crates--a lion-like creature with a burning tail; a large, intimidating man whose left hand she never seemed to see; a beautiful, buxom woman with a bright smile; a pert girl who seemed to glow with energy. And a strange blond man whose face she couldn't seem to see.

"I've been here before," she murmurs out loud to the setting sun.

Aeris shakes her head and hurries past the first house, her feet making little squishy sounds on the wet concrete. Her feet lead her across the town in the fading light, past several masses of decaying wood that had once been houses on stilts, toward the face of the cliff.
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