The Fortified Hooligan (ninjagaijin) wrote in murderandcreate,
The Fortified Hooligan

Like a Phoenix from the ashes.....

"Well, here we are....close as we're gonna get in this thing, that's for sure. We busted a radiator hose about 5 miles back, and we are definately not gonna make it through this...."

Punctuating his statement, Cloud points from the windshield to a few feet beyond them. The rolling grass of the plains had given way to a soggy, swampy tract of land. In the distance, the rocky spires of Cosmo Canyon could be seen, along with the bright glow of the Cosmo Candle.

"This truck's not gonna be able to ford this water, and if we go around this on foot it's going to take days, which we're not prepared for in way of supplies. Matter of fact, I'm pretty hungry, I haven't eaten in awhile."

Cloud opens the driver's door, and swings himself out onto the ground, his boots quickly sinking about 3 inches into the muddy mess. He walks around to the bed and retrieves his Buster Sword, propping it on his shoulder as he looks in Tifa's direction.

"Whaddya say? You up for a little swim?"
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