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The lights go out, the bridges burn, once you're gone you can't return

Vincent didn't miss Finger's teasing this time, and he scowled at the other man briefly, more out of irritation for having his train of thought interrupted than for any insult to his humanity or masculinity. His expression shifted a little when he turned to look at Aeris; evidently he'd annoyed her by asking to stay behind. He wasn't particularly comfortable with the idea himself--as harmless as Fingers had seemed to be up until now, Vincent rarely trusted sane men, and Fingers was anything but sane. Still, he'd reassured himself of Aeris' abilities, and he felt as though he had to take a closer look at the submarine--this was what he had come all the way down here to find, and even with the impossibility of piloting it made blatantly obvious to him he couldn't just give up and leave without investigating a little.

And there was still that niggling thought at the back of his mind that he'd found while looking at the submarine's antenna, and lost at Finger's interruption. It refused to go away entirely, and with any luck he'd rediscover it while he was poking around.

He slowly worked his way around to the opposite side of the submarine; as Aeris and Fingers descended into the blackness of the doorway behind him, all sounds fell away other than his own breathing and the loud clacking of his metal boots on the floor. In the face of such oppressive silence, Fingers' loud insanity seemed like a perfectly natural response. Why on earth had the man willingly stayed in a place like this, rather than leaving with the others?

Vincent soon spotted the ladder that Fingers had mentioned and moved over to it, metal claw and boots clanking as he climbed up on top of the submarine. The hatch was open; with one last glance around the docks, Vincent dropped inside.
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