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There will be time, there will be time

to prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet

Murder and Create RPG
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Maybe you were making the last minute adjustments to your emergency survival pack. Maybe you were fighting the monsters that Meteor's light drove inside. Maybe you were fleeing the flaming ball bearing down on your head, but at that moment you did the same thing as every other person on the Planet.

As Meteor lived it's final seconds in the atmosphere, you looked up into it's gaze and closed your eyes.

When you opened them again, you were not in the Lifestream. Nor, in fact, were you even in the same place, nor was it even the same day.

It is now weeks after Meteor brought it's wrath down upon the wicked of the Planet. You are not where you want to be, and not with the people you know. The world as you know it has been irrepairably altered. The temperature is soaring, the water is rising... the weak are dying.

Where were you when Meteor fell?

More importantly, where are you now?


This is a closed-acceptance RP about the FF7 world, only stood up on it's head. Both Shinra and AVALANCHE are welcome to join, upon application.

The RP style is... verbose. Members will be expected to post at an expeditious pace, but of course sometimes Real Life happens. That's why it's Livejournal, and not LARP. Standard roleplaying rules apply, the most important being respect thy RP partners.

Violent and whathaveyou posts are expected as it is basically a post-apocalyptic world, but keep your content respectful if you can't keep it clean.
amnesia, anarchy, blackouts, canon fuckery, comas, craters, drought, final fantasy 7, food shortages, global warming, inbreeding, meteoric annihilation, midgar, nuclear fallout, obscure t.s. eliot poetry, ragamuffin governments, rampant disease, severe disfigurement, shinra, the redhats, turks, wormholes, xenophobia