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Monday, September 19th, 2005
11:53 am

OMFG.....Advent Children.....I am a happy man now.

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Friday, December 10th, 2004
8:04 pm

(OOC: WAH! I'm still alive! Sorrysorrysorry! It's just been one thing after another recently.

This takes place at about the same time, a little later, as the Vincent & Cid portion of the... my God, was it really that long ago? the thread starting Oct. 2nd.)

Yuffie hung weakly onto Bird, giving it the least amount of direction possible to get into Rocket Town. Normally, thankfully, riding Bird had no effect on her stomach, but having mounted him pretty much as soon as she'd half-staggered, half-fallen, out of the small fishing boat had given her stomach no time to recover from the crippling sea-sickness she always got when on boats and left her just barely managing to keep from yarfing all over Bird's shiny green plumage.

She finally reached Cid's neighborhood as the sun was starting to raise over the oceanCollapse )

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Wednesday, October 20th, 2004
2:56 pm

Well, I finally did something about that information website I promised. Sorry y'all, totally dropped the ball on this one.

Anyways, it's all here. Readable? Informative? Missing information anywhere? Broken beyond belief? Your call.

Just a short update today, what with the complete and total lack of issues. If anyone needs to fire a question at me, consider the help desk open for business. :D

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Tuesday, October 19th, 2004
4:01 pm - Online again

Jut to keep everyone informed, Jessie (Tifa) and myself have finishd moving into our new house, and have a high speed connection now. We will get back into this thing soon, so don't count us out.

----Cloud Strife

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Saturday, October 2nd, 2004
5:19 pm

Aeris looked around as best she could as she padded quietly after Fingers. She held her boots in one hand and her staff in the other. She felt a little less secure not that Vincent wasn't with her, not sure what to make of Fingers. She was pretty confident that she could handle the man by herself, but Vincent had been a link to something she hadn't even cared that she was missing until she had met him.

Following her guide's trail, she kept close, not speaking and listening hard. She wondered why he had said not to touch anything, especially since it was hard to see anything. The dark and silence were eerie, and made her nervous. Her grip on her staff and boots tightened.

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11:06 am - The lights go out, the bridges burn, once you're gone you can't return

Vincent didn't miss Finger's teasing this time, and he scowled at the other man briefly, more out of irritation for having his train of thought interrupted than for any insult to his humanity or masculinity. His expression shifted a little when he turned to look at Aeris; evidently he'd annoyed her by asking to stay behind. He wasn't particularly comfortable with the idea himself--as harmless as Fingers had seemed to be up until now, Vincent rarely trusted sane men, and Fingers was anything but sane. Still, he'd reassured himself of Aeris' abilities, and he felt as though he had to take a closer look at the submarine--this was what he had come all the way down here to find, and even with the impossibility of piloting it made blatantly obvious to him he couldn't just give up and leave without investigating a little.

And there was still that niggling thought at the back of his mind that he'd found while looking at the submarine's antenna, and lost at Finger's interruption. It refused to go away entirely, and with any luck he'd rediscover it while he was poking around.

He slowly worked his way around to the opposite side of the submarine; as Aeris and Fingers descended into the blackness of the doorway behind him, all sounds fell away other than his own breathing and the loud clacking of his metal boots on the floor. In the face of such oppressive silence, Fingers' loud insanity seemed like a perfectly natural response. Why on earth had the man willingly stayed in a place like this, rather than leaving with the others?

Vincent soon spotted the ladder that Fingers had mentioned and moved over to it, metal claw and boots clanking as he climbed up on top of the submarine. The hatch was open; with one last glance around the docks, Vincent dropped inside.

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Wednesday, September 29th, 2004
12:47 pm - OOC: Update.

OOC: Just so eveyone knows, I'm still around. Waiting on a perpetually busy Nanaki (cosmo_xiii) to reply, but still here.

Must find some way to get re-involved...*grrs*

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Tuesday, September 7th, 2004
10:49 am - Under the Deep Green Sea

To Aeris's dismay, the elevator down to the reactor was not working. It was a hard trip, but she managed to slide down the elevator cable with Vincent. She was very glad that she had given up that skirt, though. Pants were much better. Especially with that strange man sliding down below her. Who knew when he might try to look up her skirt. She nevertheless sighed in relief when they made it to the top of the elevator car, and Vincent kicked the emergency hatch in so they could jump into the car. To be honest, she wasn't sure if she was miffed at this Vincent Valentine or not. She kept sensing him staring at her, but when she turned, he would be looking away. And he kept giving her the strange feeling that he knew something about her that he wasn't telling. And he didn't even give her a gentlemanly hand when she was trying to jump down into the elevator. It was enough to get her pouting, though she was pretty sure he didn't notice.

They had to push the door open, and that took a LOT of effort. But as Aeris looked into the glass tunnel that ran along the sea bottom, she decided it was worth it.

"Oh," she whispered, awed. "Oh, oh, oh!"

It seemed like the changes in the world that everyone lamented were less apparent here under the water. Large fish with big teeth swam by and over the tunnel, peering in as if they were looking at some sort of museum display silvery streaks that were tinier fish jetted by in massive schools, chased by other fish, intent on dinner. Seaweeds rose from the bottom of the ocean, sending bold tendrils up to grasp at the dim sunlight that peered tentatively into the water. The tunnel seemed to take on a dream-like state, a world colored like turquoise and aquamarines.

She ran a few steps into the tunnel and placed her hands on the glass, staring out at the scene before her, eyes wide. This, this is what she has been searching for. The beauty of plants and animals thriving in the warmth of the waters. This world, this is what she wants the upper world to be, alive, filled with color. She closed her eyes and rested her forehead against the cool, curved glass, forgetting her companion, forgetting everything but the life she felt on the other side of that glass wall.

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Saturday, September 4th, 2004
10:56 am

In several cities across the Planet, strange flyers have appeared. They show up stapled to defunct electrical poles and store doors, stuck under windshield wipers, taped to fake pagodas and pinned to employment boards. They share no visual similarities, but each reads the same message.

by boating to and from Icicle Area
boats provided, residence paid, premium wages
drop by with flyer for more information

The logic is clear to the starving and destitute of the Planet - work equals money equals survival. The flyers are huge items, and disappear within hours only to be replaced with more.

In days, entire walls are coated in paper and strange stories begin to come back to the hub cities - a muggy, diseased continent slowly melting into the ocean, monster infestations, and children that forsee accidents and read minds. The rush to get a job at the boating company slows, but the draw is still there. Every day, people trickle in from the northern land with tales, especially those of the eerie children that seem to have become rooted to the dying land.

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Thursday, September 2nd, 2004
11:44 pm - Like a Phoenix from the ashes.....

"Well, here we are....close as we're gonna get in this thing, that's for sure. We busted a radiator hose about 5 miles back, and we are definately not gonna make it through this...."

Punctuating his statement, Cloud points from the windshield to a few feet beyond them. The rolling grass of the plains had given way to a soggy, swampy tract of land. In the distance, the rocky spires of Cosmo Canyon could be seen, along with the bright glow of the Cosmo Candle.

"This truck's not gonna be able to ford this water, and if we go around this on foot it's going to take days, which we're not prepared for in way of supplies. Matter of fact, I'm pretty hungry, I haven't eaten in awhile."

Cloud opens the driver's door, and swings himself out onto the ground, his boots quickly sinking about 3 inches into the muddy mess. He walks around to the bed and retrieves his Buster Sword, propping it on his shoulder as he looks in Tifa's direction.

"Whaddya say? You up for a little swim?"

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Tuesday, August 17th, 2004
3:41 pm - Outside of Junon

Aeris is very glad she has her hat. The sun seemed to beat relentlessly down upon her, and she knew if she didn't have the floppy-rimmed thing, she would burn to a crisp. But still, it had been a long, hot, sweaty trek through the village of canvas tents and makeshift huts.

As she approaches Junon, the sound of water lapping at rock and cement becomes louder and the air is filled with the smell of the salty sea. The sun, half-way down the horizon, is a burning orange-bronze disc that seems to glare at the world. Aeris knows that she should find shelter for the night, but something drives her onward. Perhaps she can seek shelter in the abandoned town.

She hikes quickly around the tall hill, around to the first dilapidated house, and she stops to stare around herself. The tide seems to have gone out, but she can see the remnants of seaweed and pools of standing seawater fill the air with salt and dampness. This place looks...familiar. A tiny whisper of memory of an odd group of people, hiding amongst large crates--a lion-like creature with a burning tail; a large, intimidating man whose left hand she never seemed to see; a beautiful, buxom woman with a bright smile; a pert girl who seemed to glow with energy. And a strange blond man whose face she couldn't seem to see.

"I've been here before," she murmurs out loud to the setting sun.

Aeris shakes her head and hurries past the first house, her feet making little squishy sounds on the wet concrete. Her feet lead her across the town in the fading light, past several masses of decaying wood that had once been houses on stilts, toward the face of the cliff.

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Saturday, August 14th, 2004
10:33 am - To be a Guardian...is to be alone?

"Forget Midgar. We’ve got to worry about the Planet."

A bright, blinding flare of pure white light–an explosion, the release of Holy’s inner fire; what, he knew not–suffused Nanaki’s vision, and with a grimace and snarl of pain, he squeezed his one good eye shut and averted his gaze from the seething cauldron of boiling magic and viridian currents of the Lifestream that had completely surrounded and engulfed the crumbling buildings of ShinRa’s once proud capital city.

That was the last thing he remembered, other than a brief glimpse of a familiar, beloved face of innocence and joy framed by swirling mahogany hair, bowing in a gesture at once relieved and satisfied at the accomplishment of a great and until this moment unattainable miracle–that, and a thought surely echoed by all who witnessed the great event: “It’s coming...” Then he had found himself...here.

Whimpering softly and lowering his paws from his muzzle, the Guardian squints against the hazy waves of heat rippling through the still, humid air to gaze up at the strangely larger and more brilliant ball of the sun, hovering in a sky almost washed of color arching above a world rendered dry, dusty, and barren by a severe change in climate. The still rich and verdant forest that surrounds him thankfully blocks the most merciless of the rays beating down, while the thick canopy of leaves screens away most of the light...but how long the blessed relief of this cool shade will last is not a wager he would care to gamble on. Already he can feel the ambient temperature rising, and his sharp vision can detect the curling and scorching of the edges of the leaves as they begin to wilt and droop from the combination of lack of rain and unceasing sunlight. When the trees here have succumbed to the weather, he will have to find a new place in which to shelter.

But he will have to do that anyway. For he would not wish to stay here, regardless...not forever, despite the peace and tranquility of this wilderness. Rising above the treetops, the ruined and rusting girders of a battered scaffolding cannot be missed, not with the manner in which they lean at a crazy, precarious angle as if about to topple to the earth at any moment. He recognizes it, of course, as the remnants of the rocketpad at which he and the members of Avalanche had met the grizzled old space pilot Cid Highwind and acquired transportation in their epic journey to save the Planet. And he has seen, for the past few days and weeks the veritable swarm of people, looking like ants from this distance, converging on the site to apparently dismantle the structure and acquire parts–whether to build some new and grand mechanical wonder or simply as mementos and souvenirs, he does not know or care.

All that matters to him is that, despite his relative isolation, it is only a matter of time before someone discovers him here, and he is not certain what his reaction will be or whether he even wishes to be found. On the one paw, since awakening he has found himself feeling increasingly feral, as if with the destruction of Meteor he has reverted to his animalistic roots and wishes only to abandon his responsibilities, his burdens and the demands of civilization, so that he can roam the world as a true beast, caring only about his next hunt and the threat of competition from those not as fit as he to survive...distrusting and fearing the humans rather than befriending or defending them. It is a surprisingly and disturbingly attractive mentality, one he has been attempting to resist with all his heart, for despite the destruction and pain that humans have caused the Planet, Nanaki knows the actions of a few cannot condemn the rest, that there is goodness, understanding, honor, and beauty in humans which cannot be sacrificed, and certainly should not be cast aside. Therefore, the balance of him is instead feeling incredibly lonely, missing companionship, missing camaraderie.

To be certain, he has been a solitary creature by nature for most of his life–partially by circumstance, but also by choice–but that does not mean he wishes to be truly and utterly alone, at least not forever. In particular, he finds himself missing his friends: the spiky-haired Cloud, so brash and overconfident but always willing to ruffle his mane in a warm and friendly manner; Tifa, always ready with a winsome smile and a witty comeback; bluff and hard-nosed Barret, determined never to give in to the weakness of emotion but managing somehow to come across as a giant teddy bear with a gun for an arm; even that annoyingly immature but endlessly amusing thief from Wutai, capable of great cleverness and astonishing insights even as she stole the pelt off your back. He wants to see them all again, to know how they fare, and to find out what, if anything, they can do about the aftermath of the World Crisis. So even if he weren’t being made uncomfortable by the encroachment of Rocket Towners into his sylvan sanctuary, he’d have to leave here eventually...if for no other reason than to no longer be alone...

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9:26 am - Neo! I found a pic!

I found a pic for Cid's profile!


I probably should be e-mailing this, but I'm excited. Everyone should see!

If you need me to change the file type, go ahead and ask. ^_^

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Thursday, August 12th, 2004
3:47 pm

Vincent looked up at the towering face of the military facility, noting a ripped and weatherstained red banner flapping lazily from a flagpole near the roof. The letters RUF were visible on it in stained white; the rest of the fabric had been torn away.

He stepped up to the elevator door; worryingly enough, it didn't automatically open for him, suggesting that even the military base was out of power. If the elevator inside wasn't working either...

Fortunately, the elevator doors weren't tightly closed; he was able to wedge his metal claws into the crack, and then it was a more or less simple matter of pushing--without power the door wouldn't open on its own, but at the same time there was nothing holding it shut either.

The elevator shaft was almost completely dark--however, the control panel, to Vincent's relief, was lit. Maybe there were backup generators of some sort that made sure the elevator stayed running even if the rest of the base had no power. A few simple button presses and he was moving upwards, into the dark. The ride was slow and grinding, giving him what he had been unable to find in the village--peace and quiet and dark in which to think.

He had woken up on the outskirts of Junon the night before, waking up to the sound of waves lapping at the shore and the disturbing realization that he had no idea where he was or how he'd gotten there. Of course, once he'd gotten up and found his bearings, he'd come to recognize his surroundings--and, after some initial exploration, had also come to be aware of just how lucky he was to have woken up at all. Junon was almost entirely empty; those who still lived here where mostly too old or too young to relocate elsewhere, and what few men between fifteen and fifty that Vincent had seen had mostly been looting empty shops for anything worth taking. That Vincent himself hadn't been looted while he lay unconscious was either a miracle or a byproduct of his strange appearance--it was possible that his claw, gun, and strange clothing had simply made him appear more trouble than he was worth.

Not that it made much difference; the gil he had was a sizeable amount, but Vincent had found that even the most basic of necessities had shockingly extravagant prices--more than he could afford. Bullets, however, were in high demand; Vincent had traded three on the first night for some slightly stale bread, not daring to part with any more--with the weapons shop abandoned and looted of almost everything, he wasn't sure where or when he would be able to get more ammunition. It was the only food he'd had since he'd woken up, and he was going to have to find some more soon on his own or be forced to part with even more of his precious ammo.

Materia wasn't particularly valuable anymore, either; while the magic it could provide was certainly in demand, the simple fact of it was that something in the usage of it had changed, warped somehow since Meteor's fall. The magic they held was still accessible, but not in the way Vincent was used to; he'd spent most of the night trying to get his Barrier materia to do something, anything. He'd finally managed, mostly through luck, to cast a Barrier--but it was weaker than he'd ever seen it before, fading away quickly, and he'd spent nearly an hour trying to remember how he'd managed to cast it at all. Eventually he'd been able to master the ability to call on magic again, but the new method of drawing out the materia's power was clumsy at best; the results were weak and a significant drain on his energy. In essence, he was more or less starting from scratch with the magic materia, and he couldn't seem to access the functions of any of the other materia at all. He had Alexander and Hades, but didn't even dare attempt to call on either of them--if just a simple Barrier exhausted him, he didn't want to know how taxing summoning would prove, assuming he could manage it in the first place.

Finally, the elevator ground to a halt on the upper level of the base. The darkness was almost absolute, but the experiments Hojo had done on Vincent had given him slightly better eyesight than most; he moved over to the door and, after some groping, managed to get his claws into the crack and shove this door open as well, flooding the elevator shaft with natural light.

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2004
4:18 pm

Hello all, your friendly neighbourhood moderator here again to give y'all an update on what's been happening so far.

Since the last update, there's been a number of new members added. You all have seen Cid (dragoonpilotcid) and Yuffie (kisaragi_yuffie), and our new Aeris (sweetwaters). Also, a new character has been accepted just today, Red XIII (cosmo_xiii). Thanks again to everyone who has been getting their friends involved - I never knew MAC would be such a success, and when I look at all that we've written already I feel a great big swell of pride. Thank you, everyone.

I'm still accepting character profiles for the archive site, don't forget to include a link to a picture of your character - I WILL choose one for you if you do, and if your character is one of the classically insanely hot ones you have something incredible to fear. Mwahah.

A recap of what has happened so far, for those that need a quick fix. Cloud and Tifa finished the first scene on MAC, creating a tavern in Nibelheim with a snooty waitress named Danielle, and a messenger wearing a red cowboy hat. Right now, they're on their way east via run-down truck, but are locked in battle with yours truly a vicious Shinra guard robot. Elena and Hojo finished a scene as well, creating the Shinra Villa in Costa Del Sol as a place overflowing with refugees. Elena has no scene right now, but Hojo is off being scary in the general direction of a food caravan. Reno and Vincent had barely started a scene before Vincent and I both decided it was in his best interests to move on, as he has a faster posting time than Reno. Cid and Yuffie are indirectly having a scene via messenger, with help from an NPC - wearing a red cowboy hat, of course.

I barely even need to set a new quest for those that have finished, which is exactly the way I like it. Kudos to y'all for finding ways to get each other together. I am, however, still here to answer questions and solve disputes via email or comments, and I'm online most of the freaking day so no worries about slow replies.

Speaking of questions, the subject of materia has been refined. Though it is possible to have mastered Materia, high level spells have a nigh impossible chance of working. Summons and other typically high-end materia are the same. Without the Lifestream flowing in a steady current around the Planet, the power to cast a spell is simply not there. Also, the subject of the PHS has been brought up as well, but there hasn't been an executive desicion made on that quite yet. Any thoughts on that one?

One more thing before I give the mic back to you, and that's about NPCs. If you're stuck in between scenes and want to do a piece of character study, such as Hojo's recent post and eventual mauling of tens of innocent bystanders you monster you, I'm avaliable for NPC duty. Of course, since the world is everyone's to create, if you want another character to stand in as NPC then by all means go for it! Go murder and create. ;)

Oh! One more, what do y'all feel about an OOC forum? Do we need a place to hash out story ideas, find others players, stuff like that? Get back to me, and, we'll see what I can do.

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Tuesday, August 10th, 2004
11:03 am - (FINISHED) A Mere Shell of Her Former Self

OOC: Greetings, I'm a newcomer to the group. Good to meet you all. I have been allowed to play a character here, so here I go...

"Thank you so much for everything," she says, her voice warm with gratitude.

"Eh. You paid for the help." The old man shrugs the thanks off, even though she and the others suspect that he is actually flattered. "And you were useful. We don't have anyone left here at Fort Condor who has the will to use materia no more. Didn't eat too much, either."

Leaving Fort CondorCollapse )

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Saturday, August 7th, 2004
10:31 am - Over The Hills And Far Away...

~OOC Note: I'm going to be NPCing Shera as well as Cid for this post, if it's OK. If not, e-mail me and I'll fix it.

"God-DAMNIT, Shera! Where the hell's my toolkit?! I gotta get t'work NOW!"

CaptainCollapse )

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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
3:01 pm - I'll be way down the silver road, I'll go where the moon has it lit up...

Tifa wasn't sure how long they had been driving... it MUST have been at least 20 hours, non-stop.  The relaxing, constant barotone purr of the engine and the comfortable, worn-in feel of the driver's seat wasn't helping her at all - her hands, relaxed on the wheel, slipped now and again, her eyes dropping closed then snapping open in a few seconds of sharp alertness, then gradually sinking back to the gauzy thickness of her exhausted state, repeated how many times she wasn't sure...

Read more...Collapse )

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Monday, August 2nd, 2004
10:14 pm

Yuffie stood on Wutai's southern shore, watching the fisherman who kept her up to date on what was going on outside the island sailed away. Like always, she had to fight down the urge to wave him back and jump into the boat with him. She was worried about her friends, and she was quickly getting sick of the current isolationist environment in Wutai, but she wasn't going to just abandon her home during such trying times like that. Not until she had leads as to where everyone else was at least. So, she kept sending out letters with the man when he left and praying to Leviathan that she'd start getting responses one day. If.... When that happened, then she'd decide whether to stay or go.

Heading back toward townCollapse )

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