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Yuffie stood on Wutai's southern shore, watching the fisherman who kept her up to date on what was going on outside the island sailed away. Like always, she had to fight down the urge to wave him back and jump into the boat with him. She was worried about her friends, and she was quickly getting sick of the current isolationist environment in Wutai, but she wasn't going to just abandon her home during such trying times like that. Not until she had leads as to where everyone else was at least. So, she kept sending out letters with the man when he left and praying to Leviathan that she'd start getting responses one day. If.... When that happened, then she'd decide whether to stay or go.

The eastern horizon was beginning to lighten, so she turned inland, walking to the green chocobo that was waiting for her. "Alright, Bird. Let's get going." She reached for it's reins, then rolled her eyes as it shied away from her a few steps. The damned skittish thing was probably more trouble then it was worth, but when she'd found it in the mountains near Junon at the start of her journey home she hadn't been able to bring herself to just leave it there, where she was sure it would eventually be eaten by monsters. She'd figured that since she'd helped raise it from the egg she had an obligation to protect it, and once it had finally regained enough trust in her to usually stay around without being manipulated she was stuck with it. At least it had come in useful when she'd found that the bridges leading to town had been destroyed to keep foreigners out.

She dug a green out of her bag and held it out, murmuring, "Here, Bird, have a yummy green. You like the yummy green, don't you? Just come over here, and you can have it." After a second it walked back up to her and let her grab the reins as it grabbed the green. She waited for a second until it had finished, then climbed onto it and nudged it in the direction of the nearby mountains, hoping that no monsters were awake yet, since if one showed up she knew from experience she'd be in for a wild ride around the island when the timid chocobo panicked. Of course, the same thing would happen if a pebble fell nearby, a branch brushed it's face, or the wind blew in the wrong direction so it's not like she was ever sure it wasn't seconds away from freaking out.

She spent a minute trying to remember what lessons she had first that day, then grimace. Diplomacy with Chekhov. Of course it was, sometimes it seemed like that was almost the only thing she did. Did her father really think she was that tactless? She'd managed to get Cloud and the gang to reaccept her even after she'd robbed them blind after all; she'd like to see Chekhov be that diplomatic. And it wasn't like there were any outside countries they were willing to be diplomatic with at the moment.

Well, she just had to put up with it. After all, she was the heir, and that was the sorta stuff the heir had to learn. She just wished she was learning it somewhere that hadn't gone completely insane.
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