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I'll be way down the silver road, I'll go where the moon has it lit up...

Tifa wasn't sure how long they had been driving... it MUST have been at least 20 hours, non-stop.  The relaxing, constant barotone purr of the engine and the comfortable, worn-in feel of the driver's seat wasn't helping her at all - her hands, relaxed on the wheel, slipped now and again, her eyes dropping closed then snapping open in a few seconds of sharp alertness, then gradually sinking back to the gauzy thickness of her exhausted state, repeated how many times she wasn't sure...

  She sat in a loose hunch over the steering wheel, staring out of the windshield... it was either night or early morning.  Which, she wasn't sure, but driving out here in the countryside was too silent, too relaxed, too peacfeul.  The beautiful, huge silver moon, the picturesque mountain ranges, and the grasslands, made a bit soggy by the rising water to the west...

OK, that was it.

"Clu..." Ahem.  "Cloud."  She slurs, resting a hand on the stick shift and pulling the truck to a gradual stop.

"Your map... how far is Cosmo from here?  We're about..."  She takes this time to peer out the side window, past him, the sights not readily absorbed into her tired mind.
"At the end of the mountain ranges.  And we're almost out of fuel.  You said there was an outpost around...?"

She can't resist leaning her elbow on the wheel, and placing her head in her hand, as if to strike a listening pose.  Then, her head starts to slip, bobbing back up with new awakeness.  "HMmm?" 
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