Aeris Gainsborough (sweetwaters) wrote in murderandcreate,
Aeris Gainsborough

Under the Deep Green Sea

To Aeris's dismay, the elevator down to the reactor was not working. It was a hard trip, but she managed to slide down the elevator cable with Vincent. She was very glad that she had given up that skirt, though. Pants were much better. Especially with that strange man sliding down below her. Who knew when he might try to look up her skirt. She nevertheless sighed in relief when they made it to the top of the elevator car, and Vincent kicked the emergency hatch in so they could jump into the car. To be honest, she wasn't sure if she was miffed at this Vincent Valentine or not. She kept sensing him staring at her, but when she turned, he would be looking away. And he kept giving her the strange feeling that he knew something about her that he wasn't telling. And he didn't even give her a gentlemanly hand when she was trying to jump down into the elevator. It was enough to get her pouting, though she was pretty sure he didn't notice.

They had to push the door open, and that took a LOT of effort. But as Aeris looked into the glass tunnel that ran along the sea bottom, she decided it was worth it.

"Oh," she whispered, awed. "Oh, oh, oh!"

It seemed like the changes in the world that everyone lamented were less apparent here under the water. Large fish with big teeth swam by and over the tunnel, peering in as if they were looking at some sort of museum display silvery streaks that were tinier fish jetted by in massive schools, chased by other fish, intent on dinner. Seaweeds rose from the bottom of the ocean, sending bold tendrils up to grasp at the dim sunlight that peered tentatively into the water. The tunnel seemed to take on a dream-like state, a world colored like turquoise and aquamarines.

She ran a few steps into the tunnel and placed her hands on the glass, staring out at the scene before her, eyes wide. This, this is what she has been searching for. The beauty of plants and animals thriving in the warmth of the waters. This world, this is what she wants the upper world to be, alive, filled with color. She closed her eyes and rested her forehead against the cool, curved glass, forgetting her companion, forgetting everything but the life she felt on the other side of that glass wall.
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