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OOC: Update.

OOC: Just so eveyone knows, I'm still around. Waiting on a perpetually busy Nanaki (cosmo_xiii) to reply, but still here.

Must find some way to get re-involved...*grrs*
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I'm tempted to bring up the subject of PHS again, just so you might be able to play with somebody else for a bit while you wait for Nanaki. ^_^ But I don't know how we'd justify them working.

We'll see. It's not entirely implausible, seeing as how Materia kinda-sorta works for Cid, and he's still got quite a collection. A weak Lightning spell ought to charge the batteries, and if the PHS signal is relayed via satellite instead of ground towers (that woulda gone BOOM when Meteor hit)...

It's a possibility. I'll see what I can do.
Cool. ^^ I know Vincent still has his PHS, and since he hardly ever uses it I imagine it's still charged. I hadn't thought of satellites, but yeah, that could certainly work.

(Also, if Cid got in touch with Vincent, that would provide a much more plausible, not to mention convenient, way for Vincent and Aeris to get to the Costa del Sol continent. I'm just making this submarine stuff up as I go, and I have my doubts Vincent could realistically pull this off in any case.)

HAHA. Considering the 'third' you have, you may need to be patched up when/if you get to Costa.

Cid, what about Yuffie? Or maybe putting together a Shera and exploring Icicle with me?
I thought I had put up a Shera. *shrugs* Better go do that now before I forget.


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Maile came up with what I think is a really good, and actually plausible, idea--if Vincent could figure out some way to hook up his PHS to a submarine's power source, he might be able to get a signal out with a hell of a range, without even needing ground towers. So he'd probably wind up buzzing anybody's PHS that was within range, which might include Cid--of course, not everyone likely has a functioning PHS. Think it sounds good?

I like it! Way to make use of what you've got.


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Me and Tifa are still around as well, we've just been really busy IRL, what with her moving to states and us getting a house. Also, we're really far ahead of everyone else, so it's kinda convenient, it'll let everyone else catch up. Anyway, if you need anything from me, I'm still keeping my eyes on the board.

----Cloud Strife
OOC: Actually, being busy has nothing to do with it. Your last post didn't leave me with very much to respond to--all it basically gave me was the fact that you were expanding the Tiny Bronco. What am I supposed to say to that? :P

This isn't your fault; I think our thread was running out of steam anyway, there's only so much you can do when you're two people alone in an isolated place. I mean, at least Aeris and Vincent have the underwater reactor to play in; we just have boring old Rocket Town. I suppose I could have gone out and stirred up some inadvertant trouble by revealing Red to the townsfolk, but since Cid expressly told him to stay out of sight, I don't think I can justify that. Nanaki is very conscientious and unlikely to disobey a very common-sense bit of advice.

I've basically been waiting to see what you post next, and figure out where I can fit in. But if Yuffie is going to show up at Rocket Town, how about we go with that? Red gets bored with waiting and goes outside, and ends up meeting up with her--or perhaps she has to save his furry butt when the Rocket Towners get ugly? *shrugs* Anyway, that'll give me something to do while we wait for Cid and Vincent to communicate, and it allows more characters to meet up and be brought together.

Unless someone else has any other ideas for what I could be doing?
If I had noticed you were stalled, I'd have thought of something sooner! I thought you two were simply having some troubles finding the time.

Red, you said in your app that you wanted to check out Ifrit, that's something you could do. Or, like you said, you could meet up with Yuffie. Or, hey, you could even grab an NPC for someone. Cloud and Tifa will eventually be in Cosmo, and as a player of Red XIII I'm sure you know Cosmo in and out. :D
Well, we weren't having trouble, until Cid's most recent post--after he told me he was going to expand the Tiny Bronco, I really didn't know what else to have Red ask, so I thought it best to end the thread there.

*rubs his chin* My original intention was to have Cid be the one around to take the brunt of Nanaki's experimentation with Ifrit (*sticks his tongue out at Cid's RPer*), but Yuffie could be even more fun! ;)

I wouldn't say I know Cosmo THAT well, but well enough. I might pull of an NPC, at that...lemme think a while, and see what Cloud and Tifa do first.
Well, Yuffie's now on her way to Rocket Town. Considering the time of day they're both at, she could easily reach town, see a light (or hear voices) in the ruins of the Highwind, barge in on Cid right in the middle of his conversation with Vincent, then get shooed off to bug Red or something.

A couple of things you might want to know: Yuffie (after backstory change to make her fit with everyone else) got left behind in the Northern Crater when she got distracted by shiny shiny materia when every sane person was getting the hell out of there. Also she remembers everything, and has absolutely no idea that other people don't.
It's not so much that everyone has amnesia, it's just that most of us simply have no freaking clue what happened. >D

By the way, I like your reasons as to why Wutai still has working magic, I'll add it to my list. The list as it stands:

1) Wutai was and is a very healthy place, biologically both before and after Meteor
2) Wutaians are more liable to waste themselves trying to cast magic
3) Wutaians are closely linked to ancient magics and are protected by Leviathan
4) Godo has s00per s3kr3t powers
4) Godo has s00per s3kr3t powers

*laughs* Well, I came up with a bit more then Godo's l33t powers. I don't know if it'll fit in the game or not, but I'm emailing you what I thought of.

...and are protected by Leviathan

Well, that's certainly what Yuffie's going to think when she sees just how poorly other peoples crops and things are doing. My mental Yuffie's actually pretty religious, in her own weird, usually ignoring it, way.
*chuckles* Red might not appreciate Yuffie doing that, but I would. :) So any time you'd like to post a thread, I'm ready and willing.

And LOL at Yuffie's backstory!!