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Yuffie Kisaragi

(OOC: WAH! I'm still alive! Sorrysorrysorry! It's just been one thing after another recently.

This takes place at about the same time, a little later, as the Vincent & Cid portion of the... my God, was it really that long ago? the thread starting Oct. 2nd.)

Yuffie hung weakly onto Bird, giving it the least amount of direction possible to get into Rocket Town. Normally, thankfully, riding Bird had no effect on her stomach, but having mounted him pretty much as soon as she'd half-staggered, half-fallen, out of the small fishing boat had given her stomach no time to recover from the crippling sea-sickness she always got when on boats and left her just barely managing to keep from yarfing all over Bird's shiny green plumage.

She finally reached Cid's house as the sun was starting to raise over the ocean. She realised, feeling a bit guilty, that it would be pretty light in Wutai by then. Her father would already be awake, and it wouldn't be long before Staniv came to tell him that she hadn't shown up to spar that morning, then he'd barge into her house all overbearing and overly concerned to see if she was sick and find out she was gone. She just hoped Chekhov wouldn't get into too much trouble for not stopping her from sneaking off.

She reached Cid's house and hitched Bird to a tree in the backyard. From where she was standing she could see the remains of the Highwind, and a light inside of it that she assumed was Cid messing around. For a minute she considered hopping into see him (or whip the asses of any part thieves, if that's who was in there), but her stomach rolled at even thinking of getting on Cid's evil vomit-mobile no matter how much of a ground-bound wreck it was at that moment.

So instead she decided to see Shera, and either she could go drag him out of there or they could wait for him to come in together. She shoved open the back door after checking the knots holding Bird to the tree one last time and shouted at the top of her lungs, "Hey, Shera! Are you awake? Huh, areyouareyouareyou?! If you're on the toilet you better get up fast, 'cause I ain't too shy to ralph all over your lap!" Then she dashed for the bathroom, to worship the porcelain throne and wait for someone to greet her.
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